Womens Transformational Groups

New Year...New You
~ 4 Week Group, Ongoing

21 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT ~ Phone: 860-202-9390
Cost: $100 (4 weeks)~Time Change: 7pm~8;30pm
Wednesdays: cancelled until further notice/please call
Wednesdays: c
ancelled until further notice/please call

Join me for this amazing NEW GROUP, that will teach you the
important tools to begin to access your deepeest and most
Important Goals and Dreams and so much more. This class is full of
limitless opportunities and possibilities. Each week, we will start
anew,with an intention, allowing you to make your deepest
connection within and to the universe, become first nature.
With consistent practice and learning to meditate and journey
on a regular basisthrough this group, you will enable yourself
to create all that youwish in your life, from divine guidance
through your highest source, to asking clear personal questions
that you've had trouble answering, over time, from within and
beyond. This type of work will teach you how to TRUST YOURSELF
on a very deep and meaningful level, helping you to access the
guidance you so richlydeserve and desire. This work can assist
you in bringing in more deep and meaningful relationships, greater
health and well-being, prosperity, love, peace, grounding,
guidance, clarity, alignment and limitless opportunities,
that you will learn to teach yourself and fall into an easy
commitment, through these beautiful and magnificent
journeys. This is a very successful area of teaching that I have
used for many years, utilizing a higher vibrational channel, to
teach you to live this process on a daily basis or whenever you feel
neccessary. If you are interested in coming into this class, please
sign up on the buy now link above, through paypal. I only get paid via
paypal or cash. No checks. Payment must be received at least 10
days in advance of the group start date. Once signed up, no refunds
available. There is limited space available, so, sign up asap. Feel free
to call me with any questions. Please pass this information onto
anyone you feel mightbenefit. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Bright Beautiful Blessings to You, Now and Always,

Journey to the Self... Transformational and Self Healing Group.
Join us each week as we uncover your true life stressors,  learn effective
meditative, self healing, emotional clearing, energy balancing, medical intuitive, chakra
clearing, grounding and laws of attraction techniques, that will assist you
in bringing more peace, harmonic wealth, vibrant health, loving relationships,
energy, focus and greater awareness into all areas of your life. These highly
experiential groups provide the groundwork for limitless opportunity for
positive change and transformation in all areas of your life.


This Group Meets From ~ 6:30pm-8:30pm ~ Cost $100
at  21 Waverly Ave., Portland, CT
To pre-register call (860) 202-9390
Summer S
ession l ~ July 13, July 20, July 27 and Aug. 3  (4 weeks)
Summer Session ll ~  Aug. 10, Aug. 17, Aug. 24 and Aug. 31  (4 weeks)

Based on the book by DEB SHAPIRO
Decoding the Emotional, Psychological and Emotional Messages that Underlie illness and Life Challenges.

Thursday Evenings : Dates July 28, Aug.4, Aug 11, Aug. 18, Aug 25 & Sept. 1
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm~Address .21 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT  06480
Phone: 860-202-9390 ~  Cost: $150 for 6 Classes

This highly transformational book and class can help you to understand how your present life patterns,  beliefs,
life limiting languaging and the ways you choose to live your life experiences, create your health and life
circumstances, successes and challenges. Each week we will learn different techniques and tools to assist you
in making lasting life changes, assisting you in creating a most healthful and abundant, happy and purpose
filled life. Homework is included. Please purchase and read the first three chapters of the book prior to the first
class meeting. Also bring a personal journal and something to write with. Payment for this class is made through
through Paypal. See attached link/button above.  Anyone who needs a different payment arrangement,
please contact Tara to discuss your needs. Call 860-202-9390.

Tara Leary is not a medical doctor. This class is not a substitute for medical treatment and in no way implies
medical treatment should be avoided

You can pro oreder the book through amazon.com or at Barnes and Noble.
**Please buy the 2006 revised edition, without the CD's. Cost should be around $14. Any questions
about the correct book to buy, I can send you a link to amazon.com
I sell my own Life Affirming CD called "Guided Meditations, to Heal and Soothe, Your Body, Mind & Soul. Cost $15

Bring the book, a Journal/Notebook, Pen and a Meaningful Intention that you want to work on.
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Workshops & Free Events
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All Events are payable in advance, upon lieu.
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*please read cancellation/refund policy below, before registering for any event.

To Be Announced
Whole Body Healing and Chakra/Energy Body Realignment
Where: 21 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT Cost: $60
**Each person will walk away with their own personal alignment!**
Join me for this extremely informational, healing and participatory class
that will assist you in keeping your body healthy on a daily basis, by utilizing
the tools and techniques that you will learn and participate in. This 2 1/2 hour
class will give you the knowledge to walk away from this event with all
the information you need to consistently take better care of yourself and
assess what may be happening in your body, by learning to sense and feel
how your Chakra energy centers are out of alignment and what that means.
You must agree that you will NOT STOP any and all medical care you have
with you existing doctors and self diagnose yourself, in lieu of tradition medical

To Be Announced
Journey Through Past Lives
Where: 21 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT 06480
Cost: $45 paid in advance. Call 860-202-9390 to sign up & pay.
The Class runs from 7:00PM to 9PM. Please bring a journal with you.
Please come and join us for this highly experiential and informational group
that promises to change your life. This night includes assistance with ridding
yourself with letting go of past negative self talk and memories, that have
been preventing you from moving forward, in a life affirming way. Once this
technique has been done, we will move on to journeying though your present
and past lives. The information gained from this event, will assist you in
undertanding why some of the patterns and habits you have been saddled
down with, will be more fully understood, in order for you to change from old
patterns to new and life affirming behaviors that will change all areas of your
life, for the better. **Please remember to call to save your space in this highly
sought after event. Space is limited.

Transforming Your Own Personal Power and Freedom, Through the
Toltec Wisdom of the Four Agreements
. ~ Cost: $60
Where: 21 Waverly Ave., Portland, CT  ~  Time: 10am to 3:30pm
This transformational class, based on the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, reveals the source of
self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy, peace, personal power and great
needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec Wisdom, this course will offer a powerful and
transformational code of conduct, that when put into consistent practice, can rapidly transform
our lives to a new experience of freedom, joy, true happiness love, peace and so much more. Please
purchase this book at our church bookstore "Seeds of Spirit" or any other bookstore, prior to the start
of this class. This book is a very short, transformational read at a minimal cost.

Date TBA 2019
*Journey Through the Chakras...
Embodying the Seven Centers of Consciousness.
Saturday and Sunday 10am-4:30pm
Cost $250 ~ Bring a bag lunch
21 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT  06480
Pre-registration is required. (860) 202-9390
This workshop focuses on opening and stabilizing all of the chakras of the seven layered Chakra
System.  In doing so, we will begin to reconnect with our bodies and the earth, to each other,
facilitating our ability to make powerful life changes. This work reclaims the essential foundation of
the Chakra System by focusing on the elements of earth, water, and fire. We will reclaim the sacred
temple of the body, learning skills for grounding and rooting ourselves in the earth through yoga
and bio-energetics,  reclaim the mysteries of sexuality and emotions,  reconnecting with our
personal power and will, fully supported by the foundation of the chakras beneath. Journeying
through the upper chakras opens us to love, light, and liberation. This workshop focuses on letting
go of old patterns, so that we can move forward into the future. Using breath, and meditation to
expand our capacity for love and connection.  Sounding and chanting will open our channels of
communication and creativity. By exploring our inner vision, we will learn some basic psychic skills,
as well as exploring the mysteries of our own consciousness through connection to the divine within
and without. *Please wear loose comfortable clothing, bring a pen, journal, yoga mat and a bag
lunch. This is NOT A Certification Program. For information about the One Year Certification Program,
please contact me at 860-202-9390.

*The Belief Tree Workshop...
Learning to to relanguage and patternize your life for optimal well-being
Saturday and Sunday 11am-4pm ~ Cost $225
21 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT  06480
Pre-registration is required by clicking the buy now button
Come and participate in this highly experiential workshop, as we explore and identify your deepest
core belief systems, life energies and patterns, as well as how they effect your health, relationships,
career, self esteem, life purpose and so much more. We will uncover the origin of those old, negative
patterns, through conscious awareness techniques and communication dyads, assisting us in
opening our awareness and energy field to new creative and powerfully positive, life affirming
energies, affirmations, beliefs, goals, visions and dreams. By identifying the true source of our
powerful core essence, we can dis-empower these life limiting beliefs, transforming them into more
life affirming energies and conscious thought patterns. Each participant will be creating their own
Belief Tree and vision board to take home with them to reinforce this transformational healing

All workshps are payable by Cash or PayPal in advance. No Checks.
*Tara Leary is not a medical doctor. By purchasing and
receiving any of the above services, you agree to continue all medical
treatment with your established medical providers/physicians and that you will
not substitute any information received by Tara Leary, for that of traditional
medical care.

***CLICK HERE...to view the group and workshop guidelines, policies and weather
cancellation information before registering for any group or workshop.

To schedule an event  or  workshop in your area...  
Contact Tara at (860) 202-9390
You Are The Light. Let You Shine!