Meditation CD
Volume 1

Tara Leary, CRT

to heal and
your body, mind
and soul.

Meditations on
this CD
Peaceful Place
2.Embracing the
Tree of Life
3.Loving Kindiness
Relevant Articles
on Meditation &
Energy Healing
Meditation Seminar
Shows a Way to
Slow Life Down.
By John Zorabedian
Middletown Press
Open to Alternatives
By Hilary Waldman
Hartford Courant
Meditation, Relevant Articles and
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About Meditation...

There are many ways each and every one of us meditates
on a daily basis without even knowing it.  Meditation is a
sacred form of spiritual connection that each of us has the
ability to connect with to get in touch with our own core
essence and to a higher source, such as God, Creator,
Buddha, etc., if we choose.

Prayer, mantra or quiet contemplation are wonderful
examples of how we incorporate meditation into our daily
lives.  These practices have been handed down through
the ages, specifically to unite the meditator with his or her
own inner wisdom, as well as a higher source, to teach
them how to serve their greatest spiritual potential, in right
balance and alignment with their own core beliefs.

It is not neccessary to have any particular belief or religious
background while using meditation in your life.  There are
many paths to peace and awareness and meditation
serves to  assist the participant in finding their own path to
peace and understanding in the
present moment.

As each of us grow and evolve in consciousness, the entire
universe gains and evolves as well,  benefiting all.
Meditation is a wonderful way to achieve this growth and
evolution. I suggest that you try it and see what beneficial
effects it has on your body, mind, spirit and life.

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