Sacred Peaceful Place Meditation

Begin by sitting, or lying comfortably, closing your eyes, and taking in a few gentle,
cleansing breaths.  Become aqauinted with your style of breathing. Are you a shallow
breather or a belly breather? Take in another deep gentle cleansing breath and let
go of any stress that you may be holding in your body, or thoughts that may be
racing through your mind. If you notice your mind wandering, just bring yourself back
to the meditation. Begin now to feel/scan your body, Identifying any areas of stress
or tension. Notice whether you're feeling grounded/present or perhaps a bit
scattered/disconnected. Allow yourself now to relax each and every area of your
body from the top of your head, all the way down to the soles of your feet. Letting
go of any residual tension, pain, stress and tightness you might be holding on to.

Now that you're feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful, allow yourself to create in your
wonderfully imaginative mind, a sacred, peaceful place. This place can be anywhere
you choose, and have anything  you wish in it,  Use your imagination to create this
place that is just for you. This will be a sacred, peaceful place for you to come to
anytime you wish. Allow yourself to be as descriptive, and vivid as you wish. After all,
this is your peaceful place that you will be able to access whenever you feel stressed,
or need a break, or are looking for some answers from within. Remember, this  is your
sacred peaceful haven, and only what you want to have happen here, will be
manifest.  If you like to be in the mountains, then this might be your peaceful place.
You might choose to be on a carribean island with white sandy beaches, warm
sunshine and deep blue water. If you wish, add a garden or even an alter to this
sacred place for you to come at times when you are in need of guidance and
understanding . Make this place to your exact specifications. Bring whatever your
life's passion is, into this peaceful place. Your imagination knows no bounds. Truly
allow yourself to open up to your creative essence. Take as much time as you
need to complete this process.

Finally, allow yourself to rest in the peace and comfort of this beautiful place. Let
yourself be rejuvinated, and healed by all that you have brought into this special
place to support you along your journey. If there are any questions that you may be
contemplating an answer to, allow yourself to expand your awareness and receive
an answer to your question or concern. Now that you have quieted your mind, let go
of any resistance you might have to receiving guidance. When you feel complete
with this part of your meditation allow yourself to slowly come back to the
consciousness of the room. Remembering, that you can always access this place
anytime you wish.  Now, gently and slowly,  begin to feel yourself more fully in your
body,  begin to stretch and when you are ready gently open your eyes. Now, allow
yourself to take this peaceful connected feeling into all the experiences of your day.


Loving Kindness Meditation

Begin by closing your eyes and taking in a few deep relaxing breaths.
Now, begin by progressively relaxing each and every bone , muscle, tendon,
ligament, organ , gland, cell, and part of you body until you feel completely and
totally relaxed. Starting from your feet, all the way up to  the top of your head.

Next, remember a time when you felt deeply loved. Allow yourself to remember the
richness of this experience, and let your heart respond to the memory and fill with the
wonderful energy of unconditional love. Notice the gratitude that you feel for the
person/persons that you are experiencing this deep love for and from.

Now, allow this feeling of love to overflow and permeate your whole being.
Allow each and every cell of your body to be filled with the incredible healing
power that this feeling of love has to offer you. You may want to call forth an
intention or prayer at this time to bring more love, and loving experiences into
your life.  For example: "Universe, I am calling forth more loving kindness in my life
at this time" , or, "God, please help me to open my heart, to giving and
receiving love more fully".

When you feel complete taking in love for yourself, and stating your prayer or
intention, allow yourself now to extend this loving kindness to a loved one, dear friend,
or someone you know that is in need. Allow yourself to fully visualize doing this now.
You may even go as far as expressing your love in words to this person, about how
you feel for them. Allow yourself to see them receiving, and taking in, this gift of love
you have given them. Do this exercise with as many people in your life as you wish, or
know that are in need of this wonderfully healing experience.

Finally, from your entire being allow yourself to extend loving kindness and
compassion to all people and all beings everywhere. Wishing them great peace,
love, compassion, and a life free from suffering. When you feel complete with this
meditation, bring yourself back to the  consciousness of the room, gently stretch your
body and open your eyes when you are ready to go about your day.

The Power of the Divine Spirit Meditation

Close your eyes and take in a few deep cleansing breaths. Allow yourself to become
deeply relaxed. Surround yourself now with the divine healing energy and power of
white and purple light. This a light of transcendence and transformation, a direct
connection to the spirit world.  Within this light resides the energy and power of your
highest source or the divine spirit. This is the energy of Christ, God, Buddha etc., your
guides and angels, teachers and masters. Allow yourself now to call in a divine spirit to
assist you along your life's journey. This is a spirit guide or angel that is with you at all
times, no matter what the circumstance.  

Next, recognize any resistance or even fear that you may have, in bringing this divine
and loving source more fully into your life. Breath deeply, relax, surrender and let go of
any blocks you may be creating to having a deeper connection to your God. Take
this time to you get aquainted with your guide or friend, to establish a deep and
intimate connection, a relationship of trust and confidence.

Now, take your guides hand and lead him/her to a safe and comfortable place for
you to get to know them better. This should be a safe place, somewhere you feel
safe, at peace with and at home. Ask your guide now to share with you what their
purpose is for being your particular guide/angel, and what it is that they hope to help
you to accomplish in this day/week/year/lifetime? You may even want to ask their
name to connect on a more personal level.

Next, allow yourself to get a sense of any other guides/loved ones or angels that may
be present in your life. Notice if you can feel them, see them or sense them.
Whatever you get, trust that this is your guide/angel's attempt at connecting with
you and helping to guide you through the many experiences of your life.

Allow yourself to just be in this state of connection for as long as you wish. The longer
you stay with this process, the more clearly you will connect with your highest
source/spirit friends. Have fun with them, talk with them, ask them important and
even silly questions if you wish. They are here for you, to assist and to comfort
you along your life's journey.

Now, ask your guide/angel what gift they have brought to you this day. What is the
message they have brought for you to hear. Do your best now to be open to any
message or gift they have to offer you at this time. Let go any expectations you may
have about what gift you are wanting to receive, and allow yourself to receive now,
what is only in your highest and best interest.

When you feel complete with your connection with them and this process, thank all
of your guides for coming, and bid them fond farewell. Knowing that this is not
goodbye. That at anytime you can reconnect with them by just putting your focus
and attention on being with them again. Finally, bring yourself slowly back to the
consciousness of the room, stretch your body and when you're ready, slowly open
your eyes and resume your day, in right action and time. Be well.

*It is important, as you establish this intimate connection with your higher source that
you trust in what you hear and that you connect with them from a deep place of
trust, inner knowing and the heart, not the mind or your thoughts.

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