*Dynamic Life  Coaching...
Living the Laws of Attraction and Harmonic Wealth
This sacred work promotes healing of the whole being by
uncovering psycho-emotional issues as well as old life limiting
beliefs, habits and patterns harbored within the body and mind,
that throughout time, without change, can lead to emotional,
physical and energetic blocks, creating disease and imbalance
throughout the entire being. These powerful one on one sessions
helps to facilitate growth, change and healing within the
deepest levels of one's body, mind, spirit and life, assisting you in living
a life of harmonic wealth, based on the laws of attraction.

*Energy/Chakra Balancing ~ Living with Harmonic Abundance
This is a powerful therapeutic approach to the resolution and  
movement of the body's ineffective undischarged "survival energy",
which stems from old life limiting beliefs, chronic illness and physical
traumas, that overtime create life limiting patterns that become
“stuck” in the body, mind and energy system. The various
symptoms of old  stuck energetic experiences and trauma, result
from the body and mind's attempt to ''manage'' and "contain" this
unused energy. This powerful technique has helped many move
through more in one session, than they have experienced in years
of traditional psychotherapy. Highly recommended for those who
intend to live in the flow of harmonic health, wealth, true
abundance and self empowerment in all areas of life.
60 or 90 minute sessions.

*Cranio Sacral Therapy with Somatic Release
This hands on healing technique uses a gentle method of
detection and correction that encourages your own body's
natural healing abilities to dissipate the negative effects of stress
on your central nervous system. The Cranio Sacral System directly
influences the development and performance of the brain and
spinal cord, which when out of balance or restricted can lead to
sensory, motor and neurological difficulties, such as chronic pain,
vision problems, scoliosis, motor coordination impairments,
learning disabilities, and other health challenges.
60 or 90 minute sessions.

*Spiritual Medical Intuitive Reading and Crossover Communication
This powerful session enables me to take a glimpse into your life
and observe the patterns and obstacles (physically, emotionally,
spiritually and energetically) that may be blocking you from
manifesting vibrant health, more loving relationships, greater self
esteem, career advancement, vital energy, balance, focus and
much more.Crossover communication available for those who need
closure with a loved one who has passed on. Done in person or by
telephone. 60 or 90 minute sessions.

*Past Life Regression Therapy
This powerful therapeutic technique is based on the belief that we
are all eternal beings, who move from lifetime to lifetime, learning
and experiencing lessons we have set out for ourselves. The stories
and experiences manifested by this approach serve as powerful
metaphors for the issues, challenges and circumstances being
faced in the present time. Past Life Therapy has helped many to
resolve old issues, patterns, phobias, fears, and move past those
blocked places to regain peace of mind, greater clarity,  self
confidence, awareness and whole body healing.
90 minute

Space Clearing  A Clearing of any space by saging, sound healing, etc., 90 min

Fee Schedule

All sessions are payable in advance of your scheduled session.
*Tara Leary is not a medical doctor. By purchasing and receiving any of the above services, you agree
to continue all medical treatment with your established medical providers/physicians and that you will
not substitute any information received by Tara Leary, for that of your physician.

There is a 24 cancellation policy for all one on one sessions. There is a 14 day
cancellation policy for all groups and workshops. Failure to give proper
cancellation will result in payment of the full fee for any scheduled event.
There are no refunds for missed classes.
Click here for all policies/guidelines.

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Transformational Healing Services ...
Energy follows thought.
How do you intend to create your life?
60 minute session
$100 Phone/in Person CT Office
90 minute session
$145 Phone/In Person CT Office
Learn to live with Dynamic Health, Harmonic Wealth and Transform Yourself to a Powerful State of Being.  
2 hour session
$200 Phone/in Person CT Office
Sliding Fee Scale is
available, upon request,
with financial hardship.