About Tara...

At an early age Tara was blessed with the divine gift of
second sight. It was only after being diagnosed with a
challenging & physically debilitating and life threatening disease,
eduring over 50 operations, with multiple times
in a motorized wheelchair, Tara has  embraced her connection to her
higher self, the spirit world and her own core essence,
to heal her body, mind and spirit. In the years that followed,
Tara has chosen to develop her gifts from the Creator,
with the intention of assisting others in healing
their own body, mind, spirit, and life.

A long time student, and teacher of life, Tara brings to her
healing practice, a rich array of life experience, education
and professional training. By combining education, training and
intuitive awareness, with loving compassion, and gentle hands
on healing techniques, Tara is able to work with her clients on a much
deeper and profound level, facilitating healing of the whole being.

Tara  is an Alternative Integrative Therapist and Dynamic Life Coach
with a private healing practice in Portland, Connecticut. Tara
has taught meditation and self healing groups and
workshops for over 25 years. She is a former
adjunct faculty member at the University of CT
School of Medicine in Farmington, CT, where she taught
third year medical school students the benefits of alternative
medicine techniques, as a compliment to traditional
medical practices. She received her certification in clinical medical
research in 2005 from the Lowell Weiker Research Foundation,
through the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She also has
worked with a myriad of support groups and hospitals to assist
in empowering their patients in healing and dealing with their life
challenges, through powerful and positive self languaging and facing
lifelimiting belief systems and patterns, to help restore the health and
well-being, to the best of their ability, in right action and right time.

One of Tara's greatest passion's is to share her own story of hope,
healing and inspiration through her groups, workshops, volunteerism and
motivational and inspirational speaking events, by teaching others,  
how to connect with and heal their own lives, by utilizing life affirming
techniques and learning how to relanguage their life limiting thoughts and beliefs,
into powerful actions, assisting them in manifesting their lifelong goals and dreams.

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Professional Training
Education & Certification

Past Life Regression Certification
with Dr. Brian Weiss
The Weiss Institute, Miami , FL

Cranio Sacral Therapy & Somato
Emotional Release Training &
with Dr. John Upledger
The Upledger Institute
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Medical Intuition  &
Energy Medicine Certification
Dr. Caroline Myss
Chicago, Illinois

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification
Alice Moore,  Reiki Master
Hartford Hospital, Hartford CT

Chakra Therapist Training
with Anodea Judith, PhD
Sacred Centers
Sebastopol, CA

Psychology & Human Services
Central Connecticut State Univ.
New Britain, CT

Clinical Medical Research
Univ. of CT School of Medicine
Farmington Connecticut

Energy Medicine Training
& Spiritual Counseling
Rev. Benjamin Lawton
West Hartford, CT
Tara's Vision and Healing Gifts...
Faith is the substance of all things hoped for,
the evidence of things not yet seen.
~ Saint Paul ~
Tara M Leary